C.J. Chenier, son of the 'King of Zydeco' Clifton Chenier, joined his father's Red-Hot Louisiana Band playing saxophone at the age of 21. After Clifton's death in 1987, C.J. picked up the accordion and took charge of his father's ministry - to spread the word of Zydeco music to the world. Since then, Chenier has pushed the genre to new heights with his virtuosity. The Boston Globe has called him "the crown prince of zydeco," and Living Blues magazine hails him as "the best living zydeco singer and accordionist." His musical style ranges from the traditional Zydeco of Clifton Chenier right on up to modern funk with healthy doses of blues, R&B, swamp pop and even country. C.J.'s total mastery of the accordion combined with his rich, satisfying voice are the driving forces behind this power-house zydeco band.

The brand new C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band CD entitled “Can’t Sit Down” is in hand. Released on the World Village record label officially on Sept. 13th. We have a limited amount at the shows so come and check them out for yourself. We had a lot of fun with this one, there is some Zydeco, Blues and even C.J. Chenier’s version of the Tom Waits song “Clap Hands”.

You can check it out here.